Montour Marine Systems

E12VP, “Endless 12 Volt Power?/B> an accessory to 12 Volt power tools is now available from MMSI.

It was said,
“there is nothing in this world that some men
 wouldn’t make a little cheaper and a little worse?
W e don’t work like that.

Two new products has been added to our product line. ?/FONT>TankFull”and?/FONT>MultiPump?

In 2005 and 2006 we have supplied the US Navy with our salution of a fuel sensor for a fast platform. We built the prototypes and the production units. It was an honour to have been selected to do this.

Since 1992 Montour Marine Systems Inc. has been developing and manufacturing tank monitoring systems for pleasure boats.

New float sensor technology invented by MMSI allowed us to put on the OEM market the shortest multilevel float sensors available.

We continue to develop new products based on this technology.