An accessory to give you
Endless 12 Volt Power
Patent pending.

You have a 12 Volt power tool and a couple of  battery packs. And what is their capacity? 1.3 Ah? Great.

The 12 Volt battery you have on your boat or in your car is rated at 100 Ah. And you know it is current you need.

You can recharge in short order?
Not always. Not everywhere.

The E12VP locks into the handle of your power tool just like the battery pack, but there is no battery inside.

The connecting cable to a 12 Volt battery is 25 feet long. An extension of 15 feet lets you connect to a 12 Volt battery 40 feet away.

Battery clips are rated at 40 Amperes and a circuit breaker protects the tool against an overload.

You have endless 12 Volt power. No extra weight.
No recharging evry few minutes. You can do serious work, anywhere.

The pictures show a Makita, but it can be virtually any make of 12 Volt  power tool.

Send us your good-for-nothing used-up 12 Volt battery pack and we will convert it to an E12VP.

To order visit e12vp.com

Power tool not included.

Specification subject to change without notice.