OEM Products

The MultiOne family of multi-level float sensors are the shortest and smallest on the market. Destined for demanding OEM applications.

New float sensor technology allowed MMSI to develop very short float sensors with very small difference in levels. Difference as small as 0.47.

Float materials from MMSI permit these sensors to be used in virtually any liquid to 300F (150C).

We are interested in working with OEM users to supply standard or custom sensors in applications where more than one level has to be sensed, space is very limited and sensors have to be very short.

Conventional multi-level float sensor technology uses one float per level. In that case a typical level diference for two levels is at least 2. And the sensor length is at least 3. The MultiOne technology on the other hand can sense any number of levels using one float. And the level diference can be as small as .47.