Two very bright stainless steel LED lamps, Yellow and a Red, warn you that your fuel tank is getting full. The Yellow lamp tells that the fuel is within 2.6 from the top of the tank. The Red lamp tells that fuel is within 1 inch from the top of the tank.

The LED lamps are waterproof and are estimated to last 100,000 hours. Install them close to the fuel fill, in the console... anywhere!

The fuel level sensor is installed in metal and plastic tanks of any thickness, using stainless steel tri-lobular thread forming screws.

These are no ordinary fasteners. They eliminate the need for tapping. They are stronger, hold better and can be screwed in and out lots of times.


Stainless steel LED lamps

The two level sensor detects fuel level with exceptional reliability. The distance between the fuel tank and the lamp controller can be over 100 Ft.

Price: $ 151.80 USD plus S&H

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Stainless steel
level sensor and
installation kit

When you fill the fuel tank, are you still
listening to the sound.

You really do need TankFull!

Specification subject to change without notice.