To Order

Decide which displays you want.

Choose the sensor types and tank depths acording to your tanks.

Estimate the length of connecting cable to connect sensors to display.

List the items.

Send us the list and a check (personal checks will be held for clearance) or money order, your shipping address and phone number to:

        Sales Department
        Montour Marine Systems Inc.
        1830 Theoret Street
        Brossard, Quebec, J4W 2K7 Canada

We will make best effort to ship within two weeks.

To choose the sensor: determine the tank depth at the point you will install the sensor. This may matter because some tanks have sloping bottoms. Choose the nearest smaller tank depth from the list of standard tank depths. Standard tank depths: 10”, 13”, 15”, 17”, 19”, 21”, 23”, 25”. For tanks deeper than 25” or bent sensors ask for a quote.

To estimate the length of interconnecting cable: decide where and how you will lead the cable, don’t skimp. It is best to get your cable as one length.